What is the Japan World Stamp Exhibition?

In 1890, the world’s first World Stamp Exhibition was held in London, marking the 50th year since the issuance of the world’s first stamp, known as the Penny Black.

The purpose of the exhibition was to spread and develop stamp collecting, philately, throughout the world and to strive toward cultural exchange and international goodwill between countries and regions across the globe through postage stamps. Since then, the World Stamp Exhibition has been held once or twice a year in the principal countries of the 95 countries and regions that are members of the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP) (as of January 2017), with the aim of making world-class stamp collections widely available to the public and improving the growth of philately. Typically, exhibitions are held in a cosmopolitan city of a certain country every 10 years.

Exhibitions have been held in Japan in 1971, 1981, 1991, 2001, and 2011, and The PHILANIPPON 2021 will be the 6th time Japan hosts this event.

The PHILANIPPON 2021 is supported by the Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP) and accredited by the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP).