Measures to Prevent COVID-19 Infection

PHILANIPPON 2021 will promote the following measures to prevent COVID-19 infection in order to ensure a safe and secure event in close cooperation with the organizers and related parties (competent authorities, local governments, exhibition venues) so that attendance can visit the exhibition safely.

Measures to be taken by organizers

  • Thorough admission control to reduce the risk of infection

    • Set a maximum number of visitors, and control the number of visitors by day and time
  • Body temperature check of visitors and related personnel using thermography

  • Placement of infection prevention items at the entrance and inside the venue, and conducting cleaning

    • Placement of disinfectants and boards to prevent the spread of droplets
  • Adequate ventilation in the venue

  • Avoidance of crowdedness in the venue

    • Thorough physical distancing (management of waiting lines and avoidance of crowdedness in booths)
    • Adequate width of aisles in the venue
  • Thorough infection prevention measures for staff and related persons

    • Thorough physical condition management in advance (body temperature check for a certain period in advance)
    • Prevention of droplet infection using masks and face shields
  • Awareness of the measures to prevent infection in the venue

    • Posting of posters and signs to prevent infection throughout the venue

This exhibition may be postponed or cancelled if the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW), administrative agencies, or local governments request us to refrain from holding the exhibition. Even if there is no request, the exhibition may be postponed, cancelled, or the content of the event may be changed based on a comprehensive assessment of the spread of the infection.

Requests to visitors

  • Please check your body temperature and physical condition before coming to the exhibition.

  • Refrain from visiting the venue if you have any of the following symptoms

    • Fever, persistent fever
    • Cough, sore throat, breathlessness, or other symptoms of a cold
    • If you have anyone close who is a patient or has close contact with a patient with COVID-19 infection.
    • If you have travelled abroad within the past two weeks
    • who is not sure about his or her health condition
  • Wear a mask.

  • Wash and disinfect your hands frequently.

  • Cooperate with the organizer to conduct body temperature check and hand disinfection at the entrance.

  • Cooperate in physical distancing to avoid crowdedness in the venue.

  • No eating or drinking in the venue.

  • Use of contact confirmation application (COCOA) is recommended.

*Please understand that we may have to restrict your activities in the venue to prevent infection.